Bristol Borough Day Docks and Access Pier

Bristol Borough is excited to inform you that the newly built transient day-docks on the Bristol Riverfront are now open. The docks are built to stay in the water year-round and accommodate both fishermen and boaters on the designated access pier and docks.

Built to attract patrons from all over the region to Historic Bristol Borough, the day-docks have a purpose for everyone. Situated at the bottom of the downtown Mill Street shopping district, you can enjoy various shops and restaurants after a sunset boat ride.

Frequently Asked Questions (updated: 6-26-2017)

Q. What are the opening hours for the docks?
A. The docks are open from 6 AM- 11PM daily May- October

Q. Is a reservation for a slip required in advance?
A. At this time, the docking areas are first come first serve.

Q. Is overnight docking permitted?
A. No, the docks are intended for daytime use only.

Q. What types of boats are permitted?
A. All vessels are permitted with the exception of personal watercraft i.e. jet skis, wave runners, kayaks, canoes, etc.

Q. Is there a time limit to how long you can keep your boat there during the permitted hours?
A. There is no limit to how long you can keep your boat docked as long as you are out by 11 PM daily.

Q. Is there a fee for docking?
A. No, the facility is free to the public.

Q. What is the security of the docks like?
A. Boaters are responsible for their own boats and belongings. Bristol Borough will not provide a staff at the facility, nor do they accept the responsibility of any lost or stolen items.

Q. How will the rules of the docks be enforced?
A. The rules of the docks are enforceable by Borough Ordinance 1317. Borough Police will provide enforcement as needed.

Q. How many boats can be accommodated at once?
A. 25-30 boats can be docked at once depending on the sizes of the vessels

Q. Will there be lights on the docks?
A. Pedestrian- level lighting will be provided on the docks from dusk to dawn.

Q. Is swimming permitted?
A. Absolutely no swimming.

Q. Are there restricted areas for fishing?
A. There are signs indicating the designated fishing areas on the access pier. Fishing is not permitted on the floating docks.

Q. If I find any maintenance problems on the docks, who should I contact?
A. If maintenance issues arise, please call Borough Hall at 215-788-3828.

Q. Are there gas or sewage pump-out facilities?
A. These facilities will not be provided, although fueling and pump-out facilities are located nearby.

Q. Are there water or electric power connections available?
A. Not at this time.

Q. Where can I tie up?
A. The outer floating dock is exposed to the river wake and is designated for the docking of larger vessels. Smaller vessels should use the interior docking locations.

Q. Can the access pier be rented for special events? If so, how would I go about doing this?
A. You must obtain a special permit from Bristol Borough. Contact the Borough office at 215788-3828.

Q. Are commercial uses permitted?
A. You must obtain a special permit from Bristol Borough in order to operate any commercial use.

Q. What attractions are nearby?
A. Nearby attractions include the Bristol Borough Riverside Theatre, historic sites and monuments, numerous restaurants, plus many more. Please check out the rest of the Bristol Borough website as well as the Bristol Raising the Bar's website for additional information.

Document Name Posted Status
Press release on the start of the docks construction 2017-01-27 Available
Simpson and Brown Response letter 2016-08-12 Available
Subcontractor list for subs with value over $75,000 2016-08-12 Available
MJF Electric's Contractor Responsibility Certification Form 2016-08-12 Available
MJF Electric's Electrical Union Letter 2016-08-12 Available
S&B's Dockbuilder Union Letter 2016-08-12 Available
S&B's Operating Engineer Union Letter 2016-08-12 Available
S&B's Laborer Union Letter 2016-08-12 Available
Bristol Borough Notice of Intent to Award-Historic Bristol Borough Day Docks and Access Pier to PKF-Mark III, Inc. 2016-06-22 Available
Bristol Borough Contractor Responsibility Certification Form for PKF-Mark III, Inc. 2016-06-22 Available
Bidder Qualification Statement for PKF-Mark III, Inc. 2016-06-22 Available
PKF-Mark III, Inc. response letter to Bristol Borough's Letter of Intent 2016-06-22 Available