Historic Bristol Borough

Public Works Department

Our Public Works Department is manned by 8 employees and a fleet of 4 pickup trucks and 2 dump trucks, which can be equipped with plows and salt spreaders when necessary, plus an array of vehicles and machinery including a bucket truck for street light maintenance, a street sweeper, a leaf machine and a jet truck to clean the sanitary sewer mains. The Public Works Department is not only responsible for the maintenance of approximately 37 miles of roadway in the Borough but is also responsible for street signs, street sweeping, street lights, snow removal and pot hole patching. The department also maintains the sanitary sewer system and storm water drains and all Borough owned property including parks and the walking path.

Street Lights
To report a street light that is not working, please call the Borough Office at 215-788-3828 ext, 10. Please provide the pole number, which is located on the pole, and/or the exact location when reporting the problem. Remember it is difficult to locate a street light that does not work during the day when the lights are not on. If a street light is damaged due to vandalism PLEASE REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY to the Bristol Borough Police dispatch at 215-788-7811. Anyone caught vandalizing the street lights will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Pot Holes
To report a pot hole or other roadway concern, please call the Borough Office at 215-788-3828 ext, 10. Please be sure to state the exact location of the problem area. Please be aware of the streets in the Borough which are owned and maintained by the State.

  • Bath Street
  • Mill Street
  • Radcliffe Street
  • Green Lane

PennDOT Pot Hole Hot Line for state owned roadsĀ 1800-FIX-ROAD (1-800-349-7623)

Street Sweeper
The Street Sweeper normally begins sweeping in the early Spring and runs through late Fall depending on weather conditions. The start date and end date will be posted on the Information Boards around town as well as the Borough’s website. Please abide by the NO PARKING signs while the sweeper is running. Street Sweeping Tickets are currently $15.00.

Snow Removal
The borough ordinance states all property owners must remove the snow or ice from their sidewalks and create a path for pedestrians to get by within 24 hours of when it stops snowing.

Eliminate the old practice of using chairs or trash cans to reserve the parking space you shoveled for your car. By eliminating items in the parking spaces, the borough plows can clean all the streets from curb to curb instead of only coming down the center of the street.

This will help create parking additional spaces for everyone Until the borough plows have the opportunity to clean your street curb to curb, we are asking that all neighbors respect the fact that someone may have taken the time to shovel a particular parking space.

Please leave the space open if it wasn’t you who shoveled. Also, when shoveling or using a snow blower on your sidewalks, DO NOT throw any snow into the streets. Many residents push, throw or shovel their snow into the streets for the borough plows to push it away.

This only makes the conditions worse as it creates ruts and large snow mounds in the center of our borough streets making it difficult for the plows and cars to traverse the street. When removing the snow from your sidewalks please take time to help our older neighbors who may need help shoveling their walks.

Following some simple guidelines and respecting our neighbors and friends will eliminate many injuries and make Bristol Borough a more enjoyable place for all during these snowy days.

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