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Bristol Borough is excited to inform you that the newly built transient day-docks on the Bristol Riverfront are now open. These are floating docks, built to stay in the water year-round and accommodate both fishermen and boaters on the designated access pier and docks.

Built to attract patrons from all over the region to Historic Bristol Borough, the day-docks have a purpose for everyone. Situated at the bottom of the downtown Mill Street shopping district, you can enjoy various shops and restaurants after a sunset boat ride.

Frequently Asked Questions (updated: 10-14-2017)

What are the opening hours for the docks?
Is a reservation for a slip required in advance?
Is overnight docking permitted?
What types of boats are permitted?
Is alcohol permitted?
What are the general rules of access pier and docks?
Is there an age restriction for the docks and access pier?
Is there a time limit to how long you can keep your boat there during the permitted hours?
Is there a fee for docking?
What is the security of the docks like?
How will the rules of the docks be enforced?
How many boats can be accommodated at once?
Will there be lights on the docks?
Is swimming permitted?
Are there restricted areas for fishing?
If I find any maintenance problems on the docks, who should I contact?
Are there gas or sewage pump-out facilities?
Are there water or electric power connections available?
Where can I tie up?
Can the access pier be rented for special events? If so, how would I go about doing this?
Are commercial uses permitted?
What attractions are nearby?

A PDF for all of 2018 is available here: 2018 NOAA Burlington station tide listings



The Burlington Bristol Bridge is opened on the request of ships travelling in the area.  There is no fixed schedule.  A service has been set up to send text alerts for any openings directly to a mobile device.  This service is maintained by the Burlington County Bridge Commission, not Bristol Borough.

To begin receiving these alert messages, send the text message BBBB to 888777 from your mobile device.

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