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Important Snow Info

Please keep this information in mind during this winter season.

  • Keep all streets as clear as possible
  • Sidewalks must be cleared within 24 hours
  • Do not shovel snow into the street
  • Refrain from using chairs or other items to hold parking spots
  • Report any power outages to PECO at 1-800-841-4141

Proposed 2014 Budget Available For Review

Bristol Borough has made the proposed 2014 Budget available for review. A link below will provide you with a digital copy, while a hard copy is available for review at the Library during regular business hours.

Preliminary Floodplain Maps

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has recently released new (preliminary) floodplain maps, known as Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs), to reflect current flood risks, replacing maps that were up to 14 years old. Copies of the Preliminary Floodplain Maps are also available for review at the Borough Hall


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