How Do I?

This section holds our best answers for some of our most commonly asked questions. Some items are short so we are able to answer them right here. Other questions with longer answers we offer a link to a pdf document containing our answer.

Audio Tour of Bristol Borough: The Grundy Museum is pleased to announce that an audio tour of Historic Bristol Borough is now available. Take a look for this exciting audio experience

Bristol Borough Park Wedding Applications: Planning a wedding can be exciting, and holding it in Historic Bristol Borough can be a wonderful experience. A wedding application link is provided here:Wedding Application.
Please note that if you are a Bristol Borough resident, you are welcome to use Riverside Park or the Park at the Lagoon on Jefferson Ave for your wedding.
For Non-Bristol Borough Residents, we welcome you to use the Park at the Lagoon on Jefferson Ave.

Contact Local Fire Departments: Please use the following attachment: Local Fire Departments

Contact Local Schools: Please use the following link to the schools page of this website: Local Schools

Get a copy of an accident / police report: It is recommended that you have your insurance company contact the Police Department. Normally, it will expedite the process if the police department deals directly with the insurance company. And, it will save you time and work. If you elect to purchase the report yourself, you may do so Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM.

Get A Permit Application: Building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical and fire permits can be picked up at the Borough Office on the second floor of the Municipal Building at 250 Pond Street, Bristol, PA.
Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Although you can view a permit on the website, because they are a multi-part document which requires a permit jacket, a permit downloaded from the website cannot be submitted as a permit to do work.

Get A Recycle Bin: Recycling Bins can be purchased at the Borough Office, second floor for $10.00.

Get a Sewer Unblocked: In the case of a sewer blockage, please call 215-788-3828 ext. 13 during business hours,
Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. After hours, weekends and holidays, Please call: 215-785-4551

Get Help With My Comcast Bill: For questions concerning your Comcast bill you need to call: 1-800-COMCAST (1-800-266-2278)

Help with Speeding On My Street: When complaints of speeding are received for a particular area, the Police Department utilizes several alternatives to address the issue. 1) Speed Enforcement details 2) Set up the electronic Speed Display Board for driver awareness 3) Conduct traffic counts & speed surveys.

How long does it take to get a permit: Depending on the scope of the job, permits are reviewed and issued within two to three business days barring any zoning issues or building code issues. To avoid any delay in permit review, please make sure you submit all necessary information with regards to the work proposed. To avoid any delay in the issuing of a permit, please make sure your contractor is registered.

Know if I need an inspection for permitted work: All work done with a permit needs an inspection. Please be sure to obtain all necessary inspections for work that is performed so the permit can be closed out. To schedule an inspection, call (BIU) Building Inspections Underwriters at 215-322-2626. You must have the permit number, the address where the work was done and the type of inspection you are requesting. Inspections will not be scheduled without a permit number. Also, if you have multiple permits for work being performed at one property, please use the correct permit number with the type of inspection you are requesting for the work being done.

Know what zone my property is in: It is sometimes difficult to verify the zoning district of a property just by looking at the zoning map, please call the Borough Zoning Officer to verify the zoning of a property at 215-788-3828 ext. 20.

Obtain a copy of a birth or death certificate: Birth or Death certificate requests are directed to Pennsylvania Department of Health: or call 1-877-724-3258

Pay A Parking Ticket: Local parking tickets can be paid by mail or in person at the Police Department. Cash, checks or money orders will be accepted as payment when paying in person. Cash payments are not advised when paying by mail. State citations cannot be paid at the Police Department. They must be paid at the District Magistrate's Office listed on the citation.

Reach the Animal Control Officer: If you have an animal complaint, the Animal Control Officer can be reached through Police Dispatch at 215-788-7811.

Report A Broken Street Light: To report a street light that is not working, please call the Borough Office at 215-788-3828 ext, 10. Please provide the pole number, which is located on the pole, and/or the exact location when reporting the problem. Remember it is difficult to locate a street light that does not work during the day when the lights are not on. If a street light is damaged due to vandalism PLEASE report it immediately to the Bristol Borough Police dispatch at 215-788-7811. Anyone caught vandalizing the street lights will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Report a Pothole: To report a pot hole or other roadway concern, please call the Borough Office at 215-788-3828 ext, 10. Please be sure to state the exact location of the problem area. Please be aware of the streets in the Borough which are owned and maintained by the State.

PennDOT Pot Hole Hot Line for state owned roads 1800-FIX-ROAD (1-800-349-7623)

Schedule an inspection for permitted work done: To schedule an inspection for work done with a permit you must call BIU (Building Inspection Underwriters) at 215-322-2626. When scheduling an inspection you must provide your permit number.

Setup an Account for Water: All water issues can be directed to the Borough water supplier: AQUA Pennsylvania or call 1-800-711-4779.

Apply For A Person With Disability Parking Application: Please click this link for a copy of this application form Updated: 2016-04-06